I began taking drum lessons with Jackie Browne when I was in my 20's and he was also. He was, even then, a great drummer able to play both right handed and left handed set-up on the kit. That really impressed me. He had an easy language that conveyed the importance of theory and feel. His ability to incorporate form and play was very important to me. As a beginning female drummer, he was plain-speaking and always spoke to me respectfully. I learned much of my foundation on kit from Jackie including basic rudiments, feel, musicality, beginning Moeller System, levels of play, how to play with a relaxed approach, yet controlled; sticking, playing beats to fills and transition back again to time, etc. an overview of how to play the drums. The most important thing I learned from Jackie Browne was his love of drumming and music. He imparted this adoration and passed it on to me which led me to keep drumming and keep studying. His influence early in my life led me to an amazing full-time career in drumming as a player and teacher. This is the most precious gift an instructor can give to a student. The love of music and the belief in ones-self. I would highly recommend Jackie as a teacher for you. He is a superlative drummer. So stick around and learn the craft. It does take time, but anything of value does! And get to know Jackie. He is the source you are seeking! Oh..and has a great sense of humor too!. Hats off to you Jackie! And thank you for your time and talent. You helped me to become the dream that I had when I was just 12y.o. I told everybody in my small town in upstate that some day I would be a drummer in New York City. And I did.

Paula Spiro,