Jackie Browne is an amazing drum teacher! I began taking lessons with Jackie when I was in 7th grade. Within one year of lessons, Jackie helped me achieve my goal of playing Lincoln Park at my elementary school’s talent show! I wanted to play in the marching band drumline when I started highschool at Saint Mark’s. Jackie taught me how to perfect my stick skills and showed me how to turn my hands around from playing match grip to traditional grip. Freshman year of high school, I played the bass drum. Sophomore year, after much hard work and practice, Jackie had prepared me to beat out two Senior boys for a snare drum position on the drumline. Junior and Senior year, I played lead snare as a co-captain of the Saint Mark’s drumline. Jackie is a brilliant musician. He blows people away with his talent on the drums. Throughout my seven years of lessons, Jackie exposed me to all styles of music. Our lessons incorporated everything from introductory percussion techniques, elementary rock beats, perfecting drum solos, double bass drum pedal techniques, and use of brushes and cow bell. Jackie taught me how to perform everything from classic rock, jazz, samba, waltz, classical, and marching percussion. Jackie even helped me prepare and write out my own music on several occasions. In addition to being outstanding on the drumset, Jackie is a wonderful person and mentor. Jackie is willing to go above and beyond to help his students achieve their potential talents on the drums. He listens to his students’ interests and incorporates those desires into his lesson plans. Jackie ensures that all of his students have the best performance gear and takes the time to explain how everything works. Over my years of lessons, Jackie personally came out to my house on several occasions to tune my drums! Jackie takes an interest in his students’ lives and listens to their music-related and unrelated concerns and is always willing to give life advice. Even now, years after our last lesson, Jackie continues to take interest in my career development. I have learned much from Jackie over the years and he remains a great mentor and friend. While I did not develop into the distinguished professional percussionist that is Jackie Browne, Jackie has encouraged and influenced me to achieve success. I will graduate this year from Widener Law. I wholeheartedly recommend Jackie as a teacher to anyone! No matter your age or interest in music, Jackie is sure to mold anyone who is willing to listen and practice (a lot) into the kind of percussionist they seek to be.

Caitlin M. Gregory,