Learn from a versatile performer, whose able to read and perform all styles of music.

Jackie Browne began his private teaching career in 1970 and offers all styles and techniques to students of all ages and skill levels.

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"Being a student under Jackie Browne’s direction has taken me further than I could have ever imagined. I can easily remember not even knowing..."

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Student Accomplishments – Since 1991

Bruce Seton

Brandywine High School

Marching Band and Concert Band

Drew Watts

Brandywine High School

Marching Band and Concert Band

Dave Koston

Concord High School

Marching Band, Concert Band and Jazz Band

Pat Siler

Concord High School

Marching Band, Concert Band and Jazz Band

Jeff Wulbrecht

A. I. DuPont High School

Marching Band and Concert Band

Ray Iglay

St. Marks High School

Marching Band, Drumline Captain, Concert Band and Jazz Band

Gabe Finamore

Salesianum High School

Marching Band Drumline Captain, Jazz Band, Concert Band, All State Sophomore and Junior Year

University of Delaware

Marching Band, Drumline Captain

Drum Corp International

Reading Buccaneers

Anthony DiSabatino

AI DuPont High School

Marching Band Drumline Captain (2 Yrs)

University of Delaware

Marching Band Captain

Drum Corps International

Marching Band - Reading Buccaneers

Neal Goldstein

Springer Middle School

High All State Concert Band

Brandywine High School

Marching Band

Roger Marks

Newark High School

Marching Band

Berklee College of Music

Marching Band

Caitlyn Gregory

St. Marks High School

Marching Band (4 Yrs)

Drumline Capt. (2 Yrs)

Berklee College of Music

Marching Band

Tyler Schwartz

Mount Pleasant

1st Chair All State 10th-11th Grade

All-State 2nd Chair Jazz Band 11th Grade

Drumline Capt. (2 Yrs)

Macy's Day Parade Performer

High School All-American Band

Matt Yuill

Garnett Valley Jr. High

Concert Band

Grant Valley High School

Marching Band (4 Yrs)

Winter Drumline (4 Yrs)

Jazz Band (4 Yrs)

Franklin + Marshall

Minor in Music


My son Tyler Schwartz started taking lessons with Jackie the summer of 2007. Since then he has learned so much. Starting from learning about the basics of drumming, all the way up to playing rudimental solos and big band charts: Jackie covered it all. Tyler then went on to participate in the Allstate Junior band, Allstate Jazz Band, UD's Governor's School for Excellence, and most recently being selected to play in the Macy's Great American Marching Band. Tyler also actively participates in the music program at his high school: Mount Pleasant, and he enjoys playing locally in his own bands. None of these things would've happened without Jackie's advice, help, instruction, and guidance.

In Short: Jackie is a great teacher and it doesn't matter if you want to learn about orchestral playing, rock, or jazz, or anything else you would ever want to learn about; Jackie will deliver above and beyond your expectations.

Linda Solomon, (Mom)

Being a student under Jackie Browne’s direction has taken me further than I could have ever imagined. I can easily remember not even knowing how to sit on the seat properly when I first stepped into Jackie’s studio to approach the practice drum set. Looking back on that first day, I had no idea how my life was about to change because of my teacher. After several invaluable years of lessons from Jackie, I was able to expand my musical career dramatically. His instruction lead me through 4 years as a member of the A.I. DuPont High School Tiger Marching Band (one year as drum line captain), 4 years as a snare drummer in the University of Delaware’s Marching Band (one year as drum line captain), and 2 years as a snare drummer on the Reading Buccaneers Drum and Bugle Corps drum line. In addition to the marching experience, Jackie has helped me become a member of the Wilmington Youth Jazz Band, and perform in the Clifford Brown Jazz Festival as well as the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. Needless to say, being a student under Jackie Browne has not only allowed me to grow as a musician, but it has exposed me to different people and places that have welcomed my passion as a musician into the musical world.

Elio DiSabatino,

Jackie Browne is an amazing drum teacher! I began taking lessons with Jackie when I was in 7th grade. Within one year of lessons, Jackie helped me achieve my goal of playing Lincoln Park at my elementary school’s talent show! I wanted to play in the marching band drumline when I started highschool at Saint Mark’s. Jackie taught me how to perfect my stick skills and showed me how to turn my hands around from playing match grip to traditional grip. Freshman year of high school, I played the bass drum. Sophomore year, after much hard work and practice, Jackie had prepared me to beat out two Senior boys for a snare drum position on the drumline. Junior and Senior year, I played lead snare as a co-captain of the Saint Mark’s drumline. Jackie is a brilliant musician. He blows people away with his talent on the drums. Throughout my seven years of lessons, Jackie exposed me to all styles of music. Our lessons incorporated everything from introductory percussion techniques, elementary rock beats, perfecting drum solos, double bass drum pedal techniques, and use of brushes and cow bell. Jackie taught me how to perform everything from classic rock, jazz, samba, waltz, classical, and marching percussion. Jackie even helped me prepare and write out my own music on several occasions. In addition to being outstanding on the drumset, Jackie is a wonderful person and mentor. Jackie is willing to go above and beyond to help his students achieve their potential talents on the drums. He listens to his students’ interests and incorporates those desires into his lesson plans. Jackie ensures that all of his students have the best performance gear and takes the time to explain how everything works. Over my years of lessons, Jackie personally came out to my house on several occasions to tune my drums! Jackie takes an interest in his students’ lives and listens to their music-related and unrelated concerns and is always willing to give life advice. Even now, years after our last lesson, Jackie continues to take interest in my career development. I have learned much from Jackie over the years and he remains a great mentor and friend. While I did not develop into the distinguished professional percussionist that is Jackie Browne, Jackie has encouraged and influenced me to achieve success. I will graduate this year from Widener Law. I wholeheartedly recommend Jackie as a teacher to anyone! No matter your age or interest in music, Jackie is sure to mold anyone who is willing to listen and practice (a lot) into the kind of percussionist they seek to be.

Caitlin M. Gregory,

I began taking drum lessons with Jackie Browne when I was in my 20's and he was also. He was, even then, a great drummer able to play both right handed and left handed set-up on the kit. That really impressed me. He had an easy language that conveyed the importance of theory and feel. His ability to incorporate form and play was very important to me. As a beginning female drummer, he was plain-speaking and always spoke to me respectfully. I learned much of my foundation on kit from Jackie including basic rudiments, feel, musicality, beginning Moeller System, levels of play, how to play with a relaxed approach, yet controlled; sticking, playing beats to fills and transition back again to time, etc. an overview of how to play the drums. The most important thing I learned from Jackie Browne was his love of drumming and music. He imparted this adoration and passed it on to me which led me to keep drumming and keep studying. His influence early in my life led me to an amazing full-time career in drumming as a player and teacher. This is the most precious gift an instructor can give to a student. The love of music and the belief in ones-self. I would highly recommend Jackie as a teacher for you. He is a superlative drummer. So stick around and learn the craft. It does take time, but anything of value does! And get to know Jackie. He is the source you are seeking! Oh..and has a great sense of humor too!. Hats off to you Jackie! And thank you for your time and talent. You helped me to become the dream that I had when I was just 12y.o. I told everybody in my small town in upstate that some day I would be a drummer in New York City. And I did.

Paula Spiro,